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WARNING: What you are about to read will trouble and may even piss you off.

The red pill? Or the blue pill?

You have been lied to by the banks. Duped. Bamboozled. They have created the mortgage and the American dream and the biggest, most successful campaign to get American’s largest percentage of income every month. Americans are like the poor souls in the movie The Matrix – fed a dream that is an illusion while having their energy & resources harvested while in oblivion.

The Matrix

Grant Cardone was genius in pointing out this obvious truth by saying, “Bank of America will lend you money for a house. Bank of America will not lend you money to buy Bank of America stock.”

Investment institutions are in cahoots as bank’s SINISTER partners. They have told you that they are taking care of you and your future, but they have yachts and you have a canoe. They have created a way to make a profit on you whether your money grows or goes. You pay the taxes on the trades that they make while they make 3% on all of your money. They do not even eat the food that they serve you!

The truth will set you free. Well, that’s bullshit. The truth CAN set you free if you embrace it. If you study history, you’ll be shocked to know that upon the spread of Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation proclamation, many slaves did not respond – they chose to remain where they were. Why? Because breaking the chains means change and change is scary.

Change for the American slave was an earthquake and a revolution and a declaration of war on everything that they knew and could predict and that was familiar.

What I am proposing – rejecting the lies for a new truth –  is no different. It is scary. It goes against the DNA of everything we as Americans have been taught about the fundamentals of money.

We were told to save money for a rainy day. I say savers are losers – Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad agrees. Savers are slaves of the banks. If an asset increases your wealth and a liability reduces your wealth, that means money that is saved is a liability. It reduces your wealth everyday as it suffers under the power of inflation.

You were told that owning your own home is the American dream and your right. But we are discovering that owning where you live is stupid and it is a trap. You are playing along with the banks and financial institutions to funnel a large portion of your money every month into a system designed to make you less wealthy and to make them incredibly wealthy. That is called a mortgage. (By the way, a mortgage is great if its for an investment property.)

You have been told that debt is bad and that you need to get out of debt as fast as possible. I say to you that debt is the only way to liberate yourself from the financial problems you are in. Wealthy people create more wealth using debt strategically.

You have been told to take your leftover money and invest it in the stock market. I say to you that that would be like trying to learn how to paddle board on the stormy waves of the Atlantic.

What have these LIES resulted in? These lies have left marriages in pieces. These lies have created greater student loan debt than credit card debt. (Which by the way, the college notion is a farce. Less than 30% of graduates get jobs in their field within the first 2 years and 50% of them hate their jobs!)

What have these lies done? They have left the middle class broken and devastated and fearful of retirement. In fact, they are more scared of living than dying. These lies have left people driving away from their homes that have been foreclosed on. These lies have left young couples starting off in a marriage with $200,000 in debt not to a house, but to their colleges. These lies have left children neglected because mom and dad have to take a second job and Uber just to pay the bills. These lies have destroyed the American middle class and the irony is we cannot get enough of these lies. These lies have been beaten into you and me – we have been taken hostage. Curious thing about hostages… it is not uncommon for them to become bonded to with their oppressors, sympathetic to and even believers in their hostage takers. We have been fed the lies and we are enjoying every bite.

As I continue to add to this blog, my mission is to shine the light of truth not only to critique, but also to point the way to a better life, a life where financial freedom is ACHIEVABLE, a way where money and marriage can be in harmony. I want to share with you what I have found as a fellow learner to be a better and more exciting way that far surpasses the SMALL THINK that we have been sold as the American dreams. I hope you will come with me on this journey.

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