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“Money is not everything!” We hear this all the time. It is supposed to be common knowledge, a dogma that everyone nods their heads to and says, “Mm-hmm, yep. That’s true.” I want to say that’s NONSENSE. I want to challenge this dogma. So, be shocked, but listen up. What you are about to read is me TELLING THE TRUTH that you already know to be true.


First of all, let me clear the air on something that we all know, but very few of us are comfortable enough to say. This is the DIRTY LITTLE SECRET that every bank and financial institution keeps hidden.

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The banks and financial institutions want to take your money and grow their wealth with it while giving you some crumbs of wealth at the end — they know that what I’m about to say is true? Here it is. PREPARE yourself because it is uncomfortable. The truth is this – we think about money all of the time.

We think about money every time we tell our children, “Turn off the lights.”

We think about money when it’s time to get gas and take out our phones to show us where we can save 3 cents on a gallon of gas by going a 1/2 a mile further down the road. (By the way, GasBuddy app does this.)

THINK ABOUT A COUPLE GOING OUT ON A DATE. Think about this — they pick the restaurant that fits their budget because they are thinking about money. When they arrive, they ask themselves, “Do I want to spend more money to have someone park my car or can we park across the street and walk over there to save $5 or $10?” When they walk into the restaurant, they are already asking themselves (even if they do not say it to each other), “How much money am I willing to spend tonight?” After they are seated, they ask themselves if they should have a glass of wine or not. It would be cheaper to have it at home, but it is their anniversary. “Should I get a bottle of wine or just a glass of house wine?” Again, money is front and center on this anniversary date.

And then, they open the menu and think about money when they wonder, “Should I get an appetizer or should I just get the entree because the appetizer will make it more expensive.” They think about money when they scan over the entrees – they find something that they like, BUT IMMEDIATELY see if their choice will pass the litmus test. What test? The test is on the right side of the menu —  how much does it cost and is it worth the money for me to try this dish that sounds very attractive to me?

Let’s face it, this couple is not alone on their special date night. They have a silent partner. Money worries.

Money is almost everything because it is on our minds constantly. If you are at work, trying to make a sale, you are asking yourself, “How much is my commission?” If you are buying something, you’re asking yourself, “Could I get a better deal elsewhere?” Money is on your mind all the time.

When you go to work, you are thinking about money. “Will I get the promotion? Will I be able to grow my money? Will it be enough? Will the money I get from my new job be able to pay off my consumer debt that is always crushing me, always hounding me, always stirring up FEAR in my mind?”

We are thinking about money when we think about our children. How will they be educated? Could I afford a private school education? What would I have to cut out of my lifestyle to give that to them? When we think of our kids, we are thinking about money. Why haven’t I saved up any money yet for their college? I’ve accumulated debt, but have nothing to send them to college with. How will I afford for them to go to their basketball club? How will I afford for them to get a car when they turn 16 and then how will I afford to pay for their car insurance and their gas?

Birthdays and holidays — we are thinking about money. It seems to me that these birthdays, anniversaries and holidays happen with numbing regularity. All of these things force us to think first not about the joy that will be had and the opportunity to celebrate and to revel in the holiday joy. No, let’s be honest — our minds turn to money. The first thought that we have when we think about anniversaries and birthdays and holidays is money. How much will I have to spend on a card? How much will I have to spend to give this person a birthday present that they will enjoy and that will make them feel special but that will be the least amount I have to spend to do so? Money is on our mind all the time. PERIOD.

So, is there a way out of this money maze? If you are like me, I don’t like to be like this. I want to be able to enjoy taking my wife out for dinner without worrying about valets and the right side of the menu or even the tip at the end. I would like to be SET FREE from this mental virus — this slavery to worrying about money and if I have enough. This BLOG is one of my strategies to shine the light on the path to financial freedom, to ECONOMIC EMANCIPATION. If 6% of Americans are millionaires, why can’t we be also? We can. We only have to follow the recipe. We have to change our patterns and habits and how we think about money and investing and saving and mortgages… You get the picture.  When we change our thinking and our tactics, we can be on the path to financial freedom. I am on a mission to help you get there. One step and one decision at a time.

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